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I am so glad that you are becoming part of our wonderful parish! 
As you look through this website, you will discover the richness of our Parish and the many opportunities available to become more involved in living the Catholic faith.  Young or old, actively pursuing a career or currently retired there are many opportunities at Our Lady of Fatima Mubende Catholic Parish for putting your unique gifts at the service of the Lord.
In our own time and place, within our families and neighborhoods, at work and in our parish, let us do the same. Bring Christ to others through our actions, supported by prayers of the Blessed Virgin and nourished by the Holy Eucharist.
God bless you,
Mwerekande Emmanuel
Parish Priest

Our lady of Fatima, Mubende Catholic Parish, is one of the 27 parishes that compose Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese, in Uganda. Mubende parish is divided into 41 Sub Parishes, and 230 Christian Communities. Sub parishes are run by catechists.
Mubende Parish was established by Fr. Goulemere on the 20th September 1925. It was dedicated to “Our Lady of Fatima” by the white fathers (Missionaries of Africa) .In 1990; Mubende Parish was handed over to the Diocesan priests. Currently there are five priests running the parish. The Parish priest is supported by a thirteen- member Parish Council executive committee, which reports back to a vibrant and fully constituted Parish Council. Currently Mubende Parish council is composed of 650 members who represent all the eight zones in Mubende Parish.