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Our lady of Fatima, Mubende Catholic Parish, is one of the 27 parishes that compose Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese, in Uganda. Mubende parish is divided into 41 Sub Parishes, and 230 Christian Communities. Sub parishes are run by catechists.

Mubende Parish was established by Fr. Goulemere on the 20th September 1925. It was dedicated to “Our Lady of Fatima” by the white fathers (Missionaries of Africa) .In 1990; Mubende Parish was handed over to the Diocesan priests. Currently there are five priests running the parish. The Parish priest is supported by a thirteen- member Parish Council executive committee, which reports back to a vibrant and fully constituted Parish Council. Currently Mubende Parish council is composed of 650 members who represent all the eight zones in Mubende Parish.

Situational Analysis:

Generally, the population growth, for Mubende District, is estimated at 3.6%. This is higher than the National Rate; of 3.2% Growth of the Catholic population is equally high given that Roman Catholics account for 42% of the total District population. In 2012, the catholic population, for this parish was, 12,000 To-date, it is estimated at about 45,000, out of which 30% reside in Mubende Town and neighboring areas and pray from the parish Church. We have six masses every Sunday with two masses at 7:30am, for the children and adults.

There are 29 educational institutions in Mubende Parish out of these about 70% are founded on the strong catholic faith.

Pastoral ministry

The Parish is presently served by five Diocesan Priests, 3 religious Brothers, and 5 religious sisters. For the today running of the 41 missions (sub-Parishes) there are 50 Catechists who help with Sunday services, catechesis, and preparing candidates for sacraments, and 42 catechists (full time) who administer at the different outstations.

The Pastoral life of the faithful is vibrant with an average of 1600 infants and 120 Adults baptized every year; 1400 Candidates for First Holy Communion, 900 Candidates for Confirmation and 48 Couples for Holy Matrimony.

School apostolate is of importance serving 20 Church founded schools.

Pastoral care to the sick, old and disabled is prominent since Mubende Parish has the Regional Referral Hospital with 100 beds.